Vintage Whimsy & Modern Magic.

I've been inspired to create my whole life. I've never been able to escape the need to make things.

In 2006, in south Louisiana, I started working at my kitchen table, creating an alternative to the mass produced jewelry I found at big box stores. Squirreling away vintage bits, buttons and baubles from here and there, Peapod Treasures was born.

Fast forward to today. Living in beautiful Portland, OR, I live a magical and exhausting life of a stay at home mom/small business owner. My boxes of vintage bits and baubles fill a antique wooden tool chest In the small studio space I share with my husband, who also works from home as a software engineer. I fashion my pieces in small moments in between chasing children and a 60 pound pit mix puppy, living the wild life of an artist/parent. I chug coffee, crank the music in my headphones, and let the creativity flow, because the need to make still hasn't left me after all these years.

As my work has grown and changed over the years, the moniker Peapod Tressures lost its magic. Less kitschy and cute, more whimsical and elegant I began to search for a new title that fit my work. Through my inspiration provided by living in the lush, green Pacific Northwest, Moss & Mirror was born. The pieces coming out of he studio today range from modern bohemian to eclectic vintage charm. It all depends on my inspiration at that moment.

I strive to create jewelry that is wearable, whimsical and personal.

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